Back on the GC

Yo, today we came back to the Gold Coast from Sydney. Feels kind of good to be back but Sydney was really good to say the least. We saw EVERYTHING, from the stuff you’re supposed to see such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge to the entire “old part of town” called The Rocks and also Darling Harbour with its pumpin’ restaurants. We also visited the IMAX cinema which is the biggest in the world to catch a movie, unfortunately we couldn’t see 300 which was showing later that evening, that would have been something. But we saw a really cool movie called “Extreme” that appearently has been showing at Cosmonova in Stockholm as well. It’s about surfing, extreme skiing and climbing and such things, really cool views.

Overall it was a really good weekend, I’d recommend a visit to anyone who gets a chance! I’ll put up some own pictures soon …