Wow, there’s been a lot of rumour mill going on the last couple of days, and it’ll continue on, trust me. Anyway, one of my alltime favourite players in the CM/FM series, Sanli Tuncay is ready to sign for ‘Boro the upcoming week. I’ve been following his career in Turkey since he was labeled “Wonderkid” in the CM/FM series way back. It’s a great signing for ‘Boro for sure, even though they already have Downing far out left (Englands first real left-winger since Barnes left the professional spotlight! watch out for him in the England shirt) – meaning that Tuncay is more likely to head for the upfront which Soccernet reports. He’s best as a versatile winger though.

I just saw Next with Nicolas Cage, nothing new really, enjoyable – but way to predictable as always.