Extracting sound from a YouTube video

There are numerous “download streaming videos” resources online, most of them are aimed at downloading YouTube videos where perhaps KeepVid is the most famous one. In the case of YouTube, KeepVid simply lets you input a URL of a video and then kickbacks two download links, one for normal quality and one for high quality. Easy enough and serves the purpose. Users have also written Firefox add-ons for this, such as Magic’s Video Downloader and Fast Video Download.

However, the other day I had a different agenda, I found a song on YouTube, a live performance of a song that I only wanted the sound from to be able to use it on my iPod. What then? There are of course sources for this as well, where ListenToYouTube is probably the best and most user-friendly. It works the same way as KeepVid, letting you input a URL to a YouTube video, and then extracts the sound; leaving behind only a download link for the sound in MP3 format.

The reason this is okayish and not great is that the MP3 it creates is in poor quality compared to what you’d be used to. The audio bitrate is 64 kbps whereas most MP3 song you would be used to listening to are in either 128 or 160 kbps. It’s a great service, but for me – it’s not good enough for my iPod.

The solution to this is downloading AoA Audio Extractor, we’ll then use a combination of the KeepVid solution to grab the video, and use AoA Audio Extractor to extract the sound from it. This way, we’ll be able to choose the audio bitrate, sample rate, as well as output type (MP3, WAV, AC3).

Save it where you like, and import it to your iPod – voila!