Movie mania

Been watching quite some movies the latest week, saw Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie yesterday and I’ll have to say it was somewhat disappointing, I’d expect it to be up there with Toy Story, but it definately didn’t reach up there. I saw Beowulf the other week and that was, as IMDB rightly shows – just marginaly better! I’m not sure what to think of those semi-animated films, but it sometimes feels like a way to save something that wouldn’t have been so good without some originality. I also saw The Darjeeling Limited which stars Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman as three brothers on a recreational find yourself tour across India, amusing at times, great at times – but not all the way. Definately worth a watch though. Michael Clayton is the new Tony Gilroy (who did the Bourne trilogy) and George Clooney film which gave Tilda Swinton an Oscar for best supporting actress, I think it was also nominated for a couple of more Oscars, including best motion picture and best director. Oh, it also stars Sydney Pollack – a great actor according to me! Michael Clayton is definately worth to look at as well, it might be your “standard-true-story-conspiracy-drama-thriller” at first glance at the thriller, but there’s really more to it.

I don’t know if I mentioned Into the Wild before, but that’s a keeper for the collection. The new Sean Penn movie stars Emile Hirsch as Christopher McCandless (with truly SPOOKY resemblance), a collage graduate that wants to live in the wild in Alaska. Based on a true story (of course), Sean Penn really knows how to deliver a top performance. However, I have no idea how Hal Holbrook was nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actor, while the film was overlooked in the best motion picture category. Shame.