“Pirates” can actually be nice

The story of Roger Wallis is an absolute fantastic one. If you’ve ever downloaded a movie off the Pirate Bay or any other torrent tracker for that matter, Wallis is one of the men to thank as the Pirate Bay moved one giant step towards ‘freedom’. Wallis is a professor and media researcher that appeared in court as an expert witness – he was primarily there to be asked about the decline of album sales and its relation to filesharing. When Wallis was asked just this, he simply answered that his research has shown that there is no relation between the two.

After being attacked by the industry lawyers, who did everything possible to discredit his reputation, he was asked whether he wanted to be reimbursed for his travel expenses. The answer was down to earth and ‘Swedish’:

Send some flowers to my wife

Immediately after Wallis left court the flowers kept on coming, you can check out other ‘thank you notes’ and gifts that Wallis received over at “We who thanked Wallis“, quite astonishing. It seems that at least his wife was happy while Pontén probably wasn’t.

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