Entourage season 5, 6 and maybe 7 on its way

I didn’t know that this was official, but it seems that now that the strike has ended and writers are back messing around with their pens again, Entourage has been cleared for a season 5. As I said; I’ve got no idea about the truth of my sources, which stretches over a couple of forums and some TV-sites – but users seem to argue that Entourage is a “summer-only” show, meaning that we’ll see season 5 in June 2008. It’s also rumoured that this deal for season 5 might stretch over season 6 with an option for a 7th as well – if ratings are still good.

Insecurity. Give us Johnny Drama noooow!

Soon, very soon

The new Entourage (S03E13) is on the way down! Tonight we’re going to see a brand new episode of the worlds best TV-series, I can’t believe it! Feels like we’ve seen the old ones about 300 times now..

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