Give us Entourage Season 5 NOW!

I was browsing around today checking for some possible dates when Entourage season 5 might be hitting the screens when I came over The Medellin website again. I had almost forgotten about the true awesomeness of Entourage, taking everything to a completely different level to say the least.

This is basically what I came across regarding the air date, nothing new, however I didn’t know that we’ll hopefully see three more seasons!

“Season Five of “Entourage” kicks off in September, and Ellin says it’s the best yet because there’s more character development for people like Ari, played by the Emmy-winning Jeremy Piven, and Turtle, portrayed by Jerry Ferrara. “This is going to be Turtle’s breakout year. Jerry’s been waiting his turn to get some storylines, he’s been begging me, so this year he’s going to have some stuff. You’ll get to see him with a girlfriend, you get to see him pursue actual jobs.” There are at least two more seasons of “Entourage” to come, Ellin adds. “We’re doing at least seven but hopefully eight,” says Ellin, who’s modest when asked if he’s still ripe with great ideas for Vince and the gang after five seasons.”

No Entourage? The Sopranos is the answer!

I’ve heard so many good things about The Sopranos over the years, that a couple of weeks ago I decided it would be good to see if there was any foundation to it. 9.5/10 on IMDB might seem a bit over the top for people who hasn’t watched it yet – but it’s a magnificent TV-show, +16,000 voters can’t be wrong.

I’m actually already coming up to the middle of the fifth season, which makes the last couple of weeks a pretty good race to complete the masterpiece. The last episode was actually aired in June last year, so it’s none of those “we’ll never get the answer” series. This is one of the reasons I started watching it, it can be done over a stretch – and will after this period of time have come to an end, hopefully leaving you with some kind of impressions.

I’d recommend it.

Entourage season 5, 6 and maybe 7 on its way

I didn’t know that this was official, but it seems that now that the strike has ended and writers are back messing around with their pens again, Entourage has been cleared for a season 5. As I said; I’ve got no idea about the truth of my sources, which stretches over a couple of forums and some TV-sites – but users seem to argue that Entourage is a “summer-only” show, meaning that we’ll see season 5 in June 2008. It’s also rumoured that this deal for season 5 might stretch over season 6 with an option for a 7th as well – if ratings are still good.

Insecurity. Give us Johnny Drama noooow!

Ozone1 and OzoneSwim

Presented the website layout for one of the sub-brands of Ozone1 today. It’s a concept for one of their products called OzoneSwim which basically is a product that uses Ozone instead of (at least much less) chlorine as is used today. Everything went good, the marketing director gave the goahead, tomorrow the price will be discussed, but as it looks right now I’ll turn to Joel for the HTML (got no time) and take a bit of the cake myself for providing the concept and the customer. Sounds good to me! We’ll see tomorrow if our proposed price went through, but it should since it’s god damn cheap, they’ll be stupid to turn it down, especially since they need the new site up and running within 1 week.

After that meeting it was time to finish up our MarCom Foster’s Lager campaign, we have around 50 pages as it is right now and will incorporate appendices that will make it even longer. Only one problem, namely the fact that it’s maximum 20 pages on the outline, however we’ll probably get around that when we talk to the professor, if you want to do it right, you cant do it with 20 pages.

Soon, very soon

The new Entourage (S03E13) is on the way down! Tonight we’re going to see a brand new episode of the worlds best TV-series, I can’t believe it! Feels like we’ve seen the old ones about 300 times now..