Liverpool complete £20.3m deal for Keane

20.3m sounds a bit much. It’s Rafa’s biggest signing of the season by far and Liverpool’s second largest transfer in history. The Tottenham and Ireland captain, and number 10 (!) has after much speculation finally put his signature on a Liverpool contract that stretches over four years. Keane is known to be a highly working forward that always reaches 15 goals or more every season, a much more complement to Torres and Crouch ever was in other words.

Keane has issued a statement, which read: ‘I would like to place on record my thanks to the board, players and fans of Tottenham for the past six years, which were the best and most enjoyable of my career to date.

‘I will never forget them. I would specifically like to thank chairman Daniel Levy for understanding, that, as a fan, joining Liverpool is a lifelong dream of mine and one I couldn’t let pass me by.”

One can only expect that Keane will join the likes of Gerrard, Torres and Carragher as the players who is not likely to rotate as much as other players during a season. Keane is most likely to take on the role that Gerrard has been hosting the past season, as an extra attacker behind Torres. This of course leaves Gerrard in a more central, commanding and playmaking role in midfield, allowing Liverpool to be more offensive than in past seasons. I really hope this is what’s going to happen. I also really hope that this indeed proves to be a solid buy.

De vinner EM enligt svenska spelarna

Stora kudos till Wilhelmsson, Anders Svensson, Dorsin, Allbäck och Seb Larsson. Hur tänkte ni andra? Är ni där för att titta på? AB.

Christian Wilhelmsson:
– Om inte Sverige gör det, så blir det Tyskland.

Niclas Alexandersson:
– Tyskland.

Tobias Linderoth:
– Italien.

Daniel Majstorovic:
– Portugal. Starkt lag, bra induvidualister, spelar teknisk fotboll. Jag tror att det är deras tur att kliva fram.

Anders Svensson:
– En fråga jag inte gärna svarar på…. men jag hoppas Sverige.

Sebastian Larsson:
– Självklart hoppas jag på Sverige. Men för mig är Italien och Tyskland de stora favoriterna.

Johan Elmander:

Daniel Andersson:
– Frankrike.

Marcus Allbäck:
– Blir det inte Sverige så gör Frankrike det.

Mikael Dorsin:
– När man spelar själv vill man alltid vinna, så Sverige.

Andreas Granqvist:
– Frankrike och Italien kommer säkerligen gå långt.

Johan Wiland:
– Statistiken från tidigare turneringar talar för Italien. Spanien har också ett mycket bra lag.

Petter Hansson:
– Italien, tror jag.

Andreas Isaksson:
– Tyskland.

Olof Mellberg:
– Tyskland.

Kim Källström:
– Frankrike, tror jag.

Sven, Sven, Sven, Sven-Goran Eriksson

Okay? From ESPN Soccernet

MEXICO CITY, June 3 (Reuters) – Former England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson was named as the new coach of Mexico on Tuesday.

Eriksson, sacked by English Premier League Manchester City on Monday, was approved at a meeting of the Mexican Football Federation’s executive committee, comprising the owners of the 18 first division clubs.

‘It’s unanimous. Eriksson has been accepted by all the owners,’ Jorge Vergara, president of the Guadalajara club, told reporters.

The 60-year-old Swede, who replaces Hugo Sanchez, will be in charge until the 2010 World Cup.

1-2-3 Torres and me!

It’s been a couple of decent weeks for Liverpool. “Rookie” Fernando Torres had the chance to become the first Liverpool player since Ian Rush (check out that picture, can you be more legend material?) to score a back-to-back Hattrick, unfortunately that didn’t happen. But today against West Ham (back-to-back-to-back if you will) he did it again, bang bang bang and it was 3-0 Liverpool. To top it up Captain Fantastic scored a scorcher in the top right corner to make it 4-0 in the end, it was a good night!

Besides EPL, the first teams to make the quarters of the Champions League was decided. Surprisingly AC Milan and Real Madrid went out against Arsenal and Roma respectively. This was actually the forth year in a row that Real didn’t even make the quarters …

Oh, and more statistics about Torres is of course that with the three goals against ‘Boro and now Hammers he has broken two club records (and in style too). He is now officially the foreigner that has scored the most league goals in one season for Liverpool as well as being the foreigner that has scored the most goals in total in a season, the “in style” comes from these numbers;

Most league goals/season by a foreign player:

18 – Fernando Torres.
12 – Dirk Kuyt
9 – Titi Camara, Patrik Berger, Milan Baros (2 times), Djibril Cisse
8 – Luis Garcia

Most goals in total/season by a foreign player:

24 – Fernando Torres
19 – Djibril Cisse
14 – Dirk Kuyt
13 – Milan Baros, Luis Garcia