Apple – Don’t blink

Apple’s Keynote on the 7th of September, 2016 – in 107 seconds.

Keynote av Johan Ronnestam på Webbdagarna 2012

Det handlar om mina barns framtid. Johan Ronnestam levererar igen, det här är en fantastisk keynote som verkligen slår huvudet på spiken och belyser många av de problem som vårt framtida samhälle i Sverige står inför. Tack!

iPhone 3.0, summer 2009

Maybe not a surprise because of the buzz surrounding the Keynote, but I still think the amount of changes and improvements to the next generation operating system for the iPhone and iPod touch came as a bit of a surprise. The numbers weren’t that bad either.

Apple’s Marketing Manager for iPhone and iPod, Greg Joswiak kicked off the event by presenting some very impressive snapshot numbers. How about:

  • There have been 17 million iPhone and 13 million iPod touches sold in the last two years
  • There are over 30 million devices running the iPhone OS
  • There are about 50,000 registered application developers, 60 percent of these have never developed for any mobile platform before
  • The App Store has over 25,000 apps available
  • The number of downloads from the App Store to date? 800 million (!)

Scott Forstall, Senior VP of iPhone Software Engineering continued to detail some of the features and the over 1,000 new APIs that will become available to developers. Developers can now easily sell additional content directly from within an app, which is likely to be a huge success. If you’re a game developer, users can now purchase additional levels from within your app. Apple will handle all the logistic and take a 30 percent piece of the pie. Not bad. Free apps will however remain free, and will not be able to offer this functionality. Check out some of the other features offered by the new SDK.

A great day for Apple, yet again.

Read what other people write about iPhone 3.0 and the Keynote. Also useful: “Gizmodo’s ‘Everything you need to know about the iPhone 3.0 OS

Steve Jobs Keynote from WWDC (iPhone 2.0)

You can follow it, or rather see the results as this came up pretty late over here. It’s as usual I guess, some stuff is pretty impressive, but it’s mainly design and graphics. Some functional upcoming features looks nice as well.

Functional highlights include:

11:07AM PT – “It’s super easy to download these docs and look at them on your iPhone. We’ve also added bulk delete and move, it’s rather handy. And the ability to save images you might get in an email, tap on them and save them to your library. The calc has a scientific mode… we’ve added parental controls. Teenagers might not like this, but that’s the way it has to be.” All the stuff we saw a couple months back.

“Isn’t that fantastic? This is going to be great. In addition… we’ve got a few new features. The first one: contact search. Type in a few chars, instantly find who you’re looking for. Second? Full iWork document support — Pages, Numbers, and of course, Keynote. Great way to look at your iWork docs on the go. And we’ve completed MS Office support: Word, Excel, and now PowerPoint, too.” (From

The much wanted MobileMe has been presented as well, it seems Apple has finally realized the importance of Cloud Computing. 3G is out in the open! Numbers on how the performance compares to EDGE is presented. Priceguess and report from and for Sweden (AB).