Spotify hacked, time to change password!

Short snippet from the Spotify blog. It’s time to change your password my friends.

Dear Spotify user,

Last week we were alerted to a group that managed to compromise our protocols. After investigating we concluded that this group had gained access to information that could allow testing of a very large number of passwords, possibly finding the right one. The information was exposed due to a bug that we discovered and fixed on December 19th, 2008. Until last week we were unaware that anyone had had access to our protocols to exploit it.

Not cool Spotify, not cool. Not good for PR or security online either for that matter.

Kleerup – With Every Heartbeat, Acoustic

Genius. He’s come a long way since hanging outside of “cafét”., launched!

Saw a post on TorrentFreak about the newly launched today. It has since then been Digged and and is now flying through the ranks, currently at 818 Diggs. I think it’s right that gets a bit of blogging attention, it’s a fantastic service embedded in a neat Web 2.0 package. With easy navigation and overview, it’s all about putting the user in focus.

Great work!

A quick search on Google brings about roughly 600,000 results, most of it reviews and comments from users of social media/social bookmarking sites and tech blogs. It’ll be interesting to follow.

Spotify now scrobbles, awesome!

Being a super fan of Spotify and a huge fan of, I must say I was really pleased when I noticed that Spotify now offers its users to scrobble through! It’s been more or less ‘wanted’ (more like demanded) by the Spotify-community since day 1, which makes this an even bigger success for Spotify – they listened to the users – and gave them exactly what they wanted.

Now, please take it to the next level and develop an iPhone application guys, that’d just make my day completely.

The community starts harvesting Spotify

Even though Spotify officially is still in beta, sites ‘offering’ shared Spotify Playlists have already starting to pop up left and right. It’s going to be really interesting to see who has the best and most user friendly solution, and/if this is something that Spotify eventually will offer through its own software and very loyal community. I’m not talking about the possibility to share playlists (as this naturally already exists) but rather sites that creates opportunities for lazy people, or not so tech-savvy users to use other peoples playlists.

Check out the likes of Spotify Friends, Listply, Spotifylists, and Spotlists. Spotify has the potential to become another Facebook (or Google if you wish to go big) but for the music industry, offering its own bubble in which entrepreneurs will feed of any idea to create business opportunities. I’m consciously exaggerating here, but if you can only see one use for Spotify – think again.

One ‘bigger’ thought is; how long will it be until we see a lightweight software like Spotify – but for Video? Interesting …

Update; TKJ recently found this as well.