Spotify hacked, time to change password!

Short snippet from the Spotify blog. It’s time to change your password my friends.

Dear Spotify user,

Last week we were alerted to a group that managed to compromise our protocols. After investigating we concluded that this group had gained access to information that could allow testing of a very large number of passwords, possibly finding the right one. The information was exposed due to a bug that we discovered and fixed on December 19th, 2008. Until last week we were unaware that anyone had had access to our protocols to exploit it.

Not cool Spotify, not cool. Not good for PR or security online either for that matter.

MyP2P vs. C More Entertainment AB

In the background of the court case and preceedings against The Pirate Bay, one of the largest sports streaming forums in the world, MyP2P has been up against C More Entertainment AB. C More Entertainment AB is the Swedish company owned by TV4 Gruppen that is behind (among other things) the Canal+ brand in the Scandinavian countries.

So why is this important or even remotely related? MyP2P is according to themselves the best online Live Sports schedule site, something I would be willing to agree with. I’ve used it many times to stream football which I “should not be able to see” because I don’t have the right channel, the right package, the right digital box, or the right subscription. It’s a simple work around so to speak. How else would I be able to watch the Swedish national team play if I live in Ireland or Australia? Taking my own previous experience with this as an example.

So back to the related part. MyP2P also happens to have one of the most active forums in the world, where users post links to streams from channels around the world. These links can be seen as “copyright infringement” as media corporations lose out on money in subscription and advertising revenue. In the same way as The Pirate Bay connects user A and user B via their tracker, MyP2P connects user A and user B via their forum and TV-schedule.

MyP2P recently won the court case against C More Entertainment, and the question I have is; is this perhaps a peak of what will happen in the Pirate Bay case? All charges dropped? It wouldn’t surprise me.

This is the ruling the Dutch court came with, posted by an Admin in the MyP2P forum:

The Dutch court ruled that C More mistakenly initiated injunction proceedings because the case was to complicated, both factually as well as legally. C More was ordered to repay us all our legal costs. We know it has been a long wait so we would like to thank you for all the support in the past weeks. It was worth it.

Stream Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama and South Park!

There are heaps of sites that stream TV-shows out there. However I’ve found one that I’ve become quite attached to. It’s called (I know, the name says it all!).

It’s not a bunch of bullshit like Fanpop, not this “think big” community on which you can do everything, it’s just links to the actual stream. Sure, there are a bunch of really annoying pop-ups that you’re always prompted by at these kind of sites – but in the end it seems to have all seasons, all (most) episodes to the shows, and they’re all working. Nice.