The community starts harvesting Spotify

Even though Spotify officially is still in beta, sites ‘offering’ shared Spotify Playlists have already starting to pop up left and right. It’s going to be really interesting to see who has the best and most user friendly solution, and/if this is something that Spotify eventually will offer through its own software and very loyal community. I’m not talking about the possibility to share playlists (as this naturally already exists) but rather sites that creates opportunities for lazy people, or not so tech-savvy users to use other peoples playlists.

Check out the likes of Spotify Friends, Listply, Spotifylists, and Spotlists. Spotify has the potential to become another Facebook (or Google if you wish to go big) but for the music industry, offering its own bubble in which entrepreneurs will feed of any idea to create business opportunities. I’m consciously exaggerating here, but if you can only see one use for Spotify – think again.

One ‘bigger’ thought is; how long will it be until we see a lightweight software like Spotify – but for Video? Interesting …

Update; TKJ recently found this as well.