The Hunt for Gollum

This is quite odd and I feel ashamed that I’ve missed it. Apparently, “the Hunt for Gollum”, the ‘inspired by Lord of the Rings’ independent movie by fans has been released. I thought it wasn’t happening until later this year, but this $3,000 budget production is already available over at

I have to say that I’m rather impressed, both by the timing of making it free and only available online – but also from the quality, rating it only off the trailer so far. It seems like someone did their PR and viral lesson.

The Hunt For Gollum is an unofficial not for profit short film by a group of enthusiast filmmakers. As a Lord of the Rings Fan Film, we are not affiliated with the Tolkien Estate or New Line Cinema and are producing this project as an entirely non commercial film. As with other fan films we are making this purely for the enjoyment of the material and the experience of making a high quality low budget film.

Free Distribution
As a non-profit production, the entire film will be released online for FREE download only on the internet on