Where’s Jimmy Hoffa?

I just watched Danny DeVito’s Hoffa on TV, an okay movie with a young(er) Jack Nicholson as James R. ‘Jimmy’ Hoffa. It might not be the best of movies, but it triggered my interest to read up a bit on Hoffa – as his story is one hell of a story. Especially the disappearence in 1975.

While checking Wikipedia/Jimmy Hoffa I came across some interesting facts that I had no idea about. It seems the FBI as late as 2006 was still looking for Hoffa’s remains! Not only once, but actually more than five times only in 2006 did the FBI follow up on various tip related to the whereabouts of Hoffa’s remains, at one point more than 40 agents actively engaged in digging outside some farm in Michigan, wtf? Funny.

Another thing that is worth noticing and that doesn’t really come as a surprise is this: “In April 2006, news reports surfaced that hitman Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski had confessed to author Philip Carlo that he was part of a group of five men who had kidnapped and murdered Hoffa. The claim’s credibility is questionable, as Kuklinski has become somewhat notorious for repeatedly claiming to have killed people — including Roy DeMeo — that concrete evidence has proved he could not have killed. The story forms part of the book The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer, which was released on July 1, 2006.”

I thought I had written about “The Iceman” before, I remember watching the interview which is quite scary. It can be found here on Google Video.