Fulled by Innovation, Elevated by Culture

Fuelled by Innovation, Elevated by Culture

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Fuelled by Innovation, Elevated by Culture

When I was a kid I used to follow my dad to work from time to time. My dad was the CEO of a building & construction material market at the time, and he taught me lessons I had no idea I would benefit from as a leader in a highly innovative tech environment thirty odd or so years later.

Avgå! & Andra Åsikter Logo

AVGÅ! & Andra Åsikter – Säsong 1 (FPL 2016/2017)

Den första & enda Fantasy Premier League-ligan med egen podd. En sportpodd med fokus på #FPL och mycket prat om avgångar.

We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things.
“We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things.”

Apple – Don’t blink

Apple’s Keynote on the 7th of September, 2016 – in 107 seconds.

Wall Doctor, Wall Rx product on Shark Tank S05E13

Entrepreneur Jim Lewis arrived in the Shark Tank wearing a white doctor’s coat, fitting for a man who is a Forensic Pathologist by day and a self-prescribed “Wall-ologist” by night. Lewis brought with him his invention – Wall RX by his company the Wall DoctorWall RX is an innovative solution to the costly and common problem of how to inexpensively and quickly patch a hole in a drywall. After leaving the Shark Tank, Lewis probably realized the one problem he didn’t have seem to have a solution for, which was how to navigate a tank full of hungry Sharks and make the most sensible and profitable deal for his invention.