AdWell Media – Invest in a new website please!

To my knowledge, AdWell Media was founded early 2009 by’s previous Director of Sales Erik Hamberg. They immediately closed deals with some impressive (Swedish) partners including Newsmill, Booli, AllaAnnonser, and Feber.

One small detail that seem to have been lost in the creation of the company is; a professional website. I’ve been having a draft post about this for a long time, I first named it “Here’s your new site AdWell Media!” thinking I’d be kind enough to provide them with a PSD-template of what one would expect of their site. But as time is of the essence and limited, you can outsource that. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular, just something that doesn’t look cheap, has poor quality images, and nothing but contact details. It’s almost as if it’s parked.

I’m sure you’re great at sales and very successful, but this does ooze of unprofessionalism to me.

So please AdWell Media – invest in a new website. Who knows what new partners that might give you?