Is not the name of a new movie coming out. It is the number of SPAM-comments that my has been stopped from seeing the light on this blog. Geez.

Red Terror/TBG

This is the official website for Joel’s new movie Red Terror, make sure to check out the trailer which was completed last week, look like a mix of Blood Diamond and Hotel Rwanda! On another note, The Beautiful Girls music video for “In Love” that Joel directed has been nominated for two awards, one i Brisbane and one in Queensland, maybe Joel could clear things up about what they are, big ups!

Calypso and Conrad Jupiter

Yesterday me, Rick and Joel had kind of a big one. We were at home watching Dazed and Confused (great movie!) and then we went down to a place called Calypso in Coolangatta. Turned out that Calypso is mostly (only probably) pumpin’ on Fridays, so our move on a Saturday wasn’t the best decision we’ve taken.. however, there’s always taxis and this thing they call the Casino. Nice night, we’ll definately have to go to Calypso on a Friday though, just because of what we’ve heard about it.