Went to see the new Zack Snyder movie entitled Watchmen yesterday. We had really high expectations because of what he previously managed to do with 300.

Without giving a full review, all I can say is that it comes highly recommended by yours truly! Check out the trailer (HQ applies) if you’re wondering whether it’s worth the effort., finally mine

According to DomainTools, came under mansion ownership on the 3rd of October. I just forgot to mention it. Worth a mention is; when Keith registered it, he put up a splash saying nothing but ‘boobs’, very concise and straight forward if you ask me.

I’ll leave the ‘boobs’ up there for awhile, but redirect the domain here. After all, ‘boobs’ is part of my life now.

Quantum of Solace

Just came back from the cinema. We went to see the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace which was a real action-extravaganza movie, what Daniel Craig lacks in class – he certainly makes up with his fists. Quantum of Solace is co-written by Paul Haggis who also wrote Crash, which makes the story surprisingly thin. I know it’s a Bond movie, and that there may be little room for playing around, but it still comes up oddly ‘short’.

The synopsis on IMDB: “Seeking revenge for the death of his love, secret agent James Bond sets out to stop an environmentalist from taking control of a country’s water supply.”

The second part of this sentence is what really disturbs me, “an environmentalist taking control of a country’s water supply”, c’mon! What happend to the Russians that just wanted to mess around and blow up the world with nuclear for monetary fame? It is almost too right, and too perfect for our time if you ask me.

But still. Bond is always Bond, and action is always action. I enjoyed it.

Constant fun with Sky Challenger Copters

Yesterday we celebrated that Hamley’s has finally reached Dublin by going on a half-day visit to the Dundrum Town Centre, the name surprisingly not being a joke. Hamley’s setup is quite impressive, they’ve got a three floor massive store space filled with toys for all ages. Of course, boys-toys department, as in radio controlled gadgets of various kind was the instant target for me, the Greek and Keith.

I can highly recommend the purchase that Keith walked away with, two Sky Challenger Copters armed with infrared to shoot each other down. It’s made the Sunday chill into mayhem in the mansion, check out the video I found on YouTube. You’ll be sorry if you don’t buy them!

I love my job

Today the founders of YouTube were suppose to stop by the Dublin office. Everyone was in the canteen and the double screens were set up, unfortunately they couldn’t make it as some other meeting ran late. What did we do instead? We watched two YouTube videos of course!