The journey begins!

The first flight is now booked, we’ll be flying from Brisbane to Cairns tomorrow morning and will head directly towards Port Douglas in the afternoon. The only problem is that it’s really the high/peak season up in Cairns right now, so it seems kind of hard to get a place to stay for decent money, but money talks of course!

We’ll probably stay hoovering around Cairns, Port Douglas and the surroundings of the Great Barrier Reef for a week or so, eventually making our way to New Zealand or Melbourne to take the Great Ocean Road, the only problem is that if it’s high season up in Cairns, it means exactly the opposite on NZ, which essentially means that +30 goes to +15, brrr…

Anyway, can’t wait to see Cairns and Port Douglas!

1 to go

Boom! The final assignment for Entrepreneurship was just handed in. It was a Feasibility Study for a company that we’d like to call BTravel, that’s about all I can say at the moment as we’re currently talking to an Investor in Dubai (!) to come up with the money to finance the different stages. It’s hardly the case that they’d cover all the risk (that is, all the money) that is needed as it stretches a bit over US$1M but a kick-off to start discussions is always nice. 50 pages down in a Feasibility Study might seem much, but that also means we have a solid ground if we decide to go with a Business Plan to be presented to Venture Capitalists or other Investors.

Anyway. Only one exam to go, ever. Oh, what a feeling, keep believing … schalala.

Simpsons The Movie

Tonight’s the night! I just saw a 6 minute clip on YouTube with a compilation of all the trailers, it definately looks promising!

Ozone1 and OzoneSwim

Presented the website layout for one of the sub-brands of Ozone1 today. It’s a concept for one of their products called OzoneSwim which basically is a product that uses Ozone instead of (at least much less) chlorine as is used today. Everything went good, the marketing director gave the goahead, tomorrow the price will be discussed, but as it looks right now I’ll turn to Joel for the HTML (got no time) and take a bit of the cake myself for providing the concept and the customer. Sounds good to me! We’ll see tomorrow if our proposed price went through, but it should since it’s god damn cheap, they’ll be stupid to turn it down, especially since they need the new site up and running within 1 week.

After that meeting it was time to finish up our MarCom Foster’s Lager campaign, we have around 50 pages as it is right now and will incorporate appendices that will make it even longer. Only one problem, namely the fact that it’s maximum 20 pages on the outline, however we’ll probably get around that when we talk to the professor, if you want to do it right, you cant do it with 20 pages.

Foster’s Lager

Today we filmed a couple of scenes for one of the two Foster’s Lager commercial we’re doing which is a part of the new communications plan for marketing communications. It went alright even though I had to “act” in it. Nadia, the sister of Sabrina (french connection) was the girl in the ad, hopefully it will be good enough to show one day, as it probably will be shown as part of the presentation for the marketing director at Foster’s (shit). We started shooting at 7 in the morning, not only was it early, it was freakin’ freezing at that time, luckily it didn’t take too long for the sun to warm the place up – but by that time I was going home to have a early siesta. Now I have a headache like never before, and it’s just 23 minutes until the last Prison Break of this season, they’re doing a 2 hours special down here to end the second season … I hope I get some answers!