Hurricane Ike from Space

Found these cool official NASA pictures showing what Hurricane Ike looks like from space, check them out!

The best photos of the Olympics 2008

Found these cool photos from the Beijing Olympics 2008 on the Guardian. They’ve put together the best 13 photos, why 13? I have no idea, but check them out!

Check this out!

This is a video from some kind of convention that shows new image mapping technology (and software), it’s done by a collaboration of people including Microsoft Research, if you thought Microsoft Surface was sick, you better believe this one.

Back on the Goldie

Yesterday I came back to the Gold Coast from our trip. It felt really good to be back, but then again, it’s always fun to be travelling and experience new things. I guess we started it off with quite the shocker when we went all-in for a couple of days in Melbourne, we were real tourists during both day and night time. Among other things we made was, seeing the Telstra Dome and the arenas for the Australian Open, as well as hitting the impressionists artgallery and the harbour – diversifiction overload! Of course we also spent a lot of time in the actual city, especially since we lived really central which was good as there was a lot of walking involved. The nights were spent at either guidebook clubs such as Cookie or backalley “knock two times to get in” kind of places, the coolest was probably when we found a jazz/60-70th club in one of the backalleys, didn’t look like much when we passed it, but then suddenly it was pumpin’ like never before! Good times.

When we left Melbourne for the Great Ocean Road I didn’t really know what to expect. The first stop we made was at the Cape Otway lighthouse which had great views and looked really awesome – to say the least it was in the middle of nowhere, or more specific in the Cape Otway Nationalpark. We also stopped at Erskine Falls which is a really cool waterfall, Reiser wasn’t really excited with this stopped and ended the walk with a “appearently they call anything a fall these days” haha, good stuff. After that we did the Otway Treetop walk which is exactly what it sounds like, a walk in the trees high above ground. That tower takes you up to around 50 meters, and you’re already on around 20-28 throughout the walk.

Everywhere throughout the road there are great pictures to be taken, the views are pretty much unbelievable from all the scientic lookouts you go to but there are of course some highlights! Twelve Apostles, The blowout, The blowout cave that I can’t remember the name of, and of course the Grotto where we could actually climb down are images that hopefully will stick with me for the rest of my life. But I mean, as I said – everywhere there are views that remind you of the twelve apostles, and some are even cooler and greater than the twelve apostles.

After we left the Great Ocean Road there was still quite some milage left to cover before getting to Adelaide, around 300 km’s or so. When we got into Adelaide I guess everyone was quite surprised what it looked like. I think we were expecting quite the massive city, not Melbourne or Sydney massive maybe, but at least a city. In it best places it looked kind of like a European city with some shopping streets, but the shopping wasn’t great either, so we decided that one night was enough and that we would go to the Barossa Valley instead. The Barossa Valley is one of the biggest wine valleys in South Australia (.. in the country?) with 40-50 wineries around small hills. We went on our own little winetour which covered the 5 closest wineries. We decided to leave the car behind as the night before had been quite dry on the alcohol 🙂 We started up with Richmond Groove which was a really cool place and it sure had some fine wines. We decided that after some quick tasting it was time to take a bottle and hit the park in the beautiful surroundings of the actual winery. After this little detour, we hit Peter Lehmann were we also had a booming platter of cheese and other goodies. I bought two bottles with me back home from this place, which of course I can’t remember the name of right now. It’s on the bottles anyhow! At this place we tried very expensive wines, I decided to go for one of the cheaper versions though when it came to buying home the actual stuff, their “Three Gardens” Shiraz was really good!

Anyway, a really nice trip with a lot of good memories! On monday it’s uni time, I can’t believe it. I want to travel more in this country! Mia is flying down again on wednesday, so that will be fun! We are thinking about catching a weekend in Sydney or at least something. Seeya!