Football and Metal Gear Solid for iPhone

It’s another Sunday evening in the mansion, we just saw a crap movie and now it’s on to streaming Ecuador – Brazil via Bet365 to see how Brazil looks these days. They currently do not stand a chance, blame it on the high altitude again perhaps? We’ll see, they’ll probably get into their groove soon.

Anyway, as I was browsing through the app store today, I checked “what’s hot” – something I normally don’t do. To my surprise I noticed that Metal Gear Solid is out for the iPhone. For 4 euro, I’m most certainly going to give it a try and make sure to kick back something that might resemble a review later.

In the meantime, check out the review of the app/game over at Gizmodo.

MyP2P vs. C More Entertainment AB

In the background of the court case and preceedings against The Pirate Bay, one of the largest sports streaming forums in the world, MyP2P has been up against C More Entertainment AB. C More Entertainment AB is the Swedish company owned by TV4 Gruppen that is behind (among other things) the Canal+ brand in the Scandinavian countries.

So why is this important or even remotely related? MyP2P is according to themselves the best online Live Sports schedule site, something I would be willing to agree with. I’ve used it many times to stream football which I “should not be able to see” because I don’t have the right channel, the right package, the right digital box, or the right subscription. It’s a simple work around so to speak. How else would I be able to watch the Swedish national team play if I live in Ireland or Australia? Taking my own previous experience with this as an example.

So back to the related part. MyP2P also happens to have one of the most active forums in the world, where users post links to streams from channels around the world. These links can be seen as “copyright infringement” as media corporations lose out on money in subscription and advertising revenue. In the same way as The Pirate Bay connects user A and user B via their tracker, MyP2P connects user A and user B via their forum and TV-schedule.

MyP2P recently won the court case against C More Entertainment, and the question I have is; is this perhaps a peak of what will happen in the Pirate Bay case? All charges dropped? It wouldn’t surprise me.

This is the ruling the Dutch court came with, posted by an Admin in the MyP2P forum:

The Dutch court ruled that C More mistakenly initiated injunction proceedings because the case was to complicated, both factually as well as legally. C More was ordered to repay us all our legal costs. We know it has been a long wait so we would like to thank you for all the support in the past weeks. It was worth it.

A hero returns to Air Canada Centre

It’s story telling again, cause this is one amazing story to be told. Yesterday marked another day in history for Swedish NHL player Mats “Sudden” Sundin as he returned to his old home Air Canada Centre, the home of Toronto Maple Leafs. Sundin spent 13 years in Toronto, the majority of them as captain and the sole foundation of the team – before signing for Vancouver Canucks this season. Most talks before the game regarded whether the home fans would embrace Sundin, or actually boo him because of the move. He got off to a frosty start, it seemed the hardcore fans of Toronto had not forgotten his decision to move and he was given a tough time at the warm up and introduction. However, in the first commercial break, Sundin finally got his standing ovation and gratitude that he deserved. Fighting back tears, Sundin was actually the one breaking it all off by telling the linesmen to “drop the puck, I can’t take it anymore”. It could have lasted forever.

As this wasn’t enough, the game was tied at 2-2 and the OT didn’t decide things – we were going into a shootout. With the shootout quickly approaching, Canucks announced that Sundin would be taking the 3rd and final penalty against his old team. Of course, it was a fairytale ending, with Sundin hitting home a ‘patent’-backhand move against Vesa Toskala in the Toronto goal to win the game for Vancover. Check out the shootout, 3rd star ovation (he got one of those as well), and post-game interview below.

“A class act, for a class act”.

I can highly recommend ESPN360 for those of you who weren’t able to see the game because of your provider. It’s a fantastic service, one I’ll gladly pay for.

Swedish stories: Mats Sundins tårar i natt (AB), Sundin Hyllad (DN), Sundin hyllades och avgjorde i återkomsten (HockeyExpressen).

Also check out other blogs about Mats Sundin (via Twingly) or other Swedish blogs about Mats Sundin (via Knuff).

Footytube 2.0 launch in November

Today I stumbled across the news that Footytube, my personal favorite football video highlights website will be re-designing their website and launching Footytube 2.0 sometime in November. From what I can see in the video-demo (latest video on the site), it looks like they’ve really put a lot of effort into the new site and it simply looks amazing. Check it out at and sign up for the beta!