Dexter the kitten

Yesterday we received the kitten! After having a few beers at Don’s yesterday me and Joel decided to fight to name it either “Dog” or “Computer Cat”, but we soon realised that Melissa wouldn’t approve. She was pretty eager to name him before Rick came home too as she knew that he’d definately go for Computer Cat without blinking. This morning we woke up to find some “remember to feed the kitten” notes followed by a name suggestion. It’s so girly to realize that we’ve started watching Dexter, so of course Melissa suggested Dexter and she just knew we’d go for it! Smart girl. Smart strategy. The fight ended and we still believe we won, but it’s her suggestion that won, argh. But Dexter is alright, actually he’s quite the Dexter so I’m definately alright with it, he’s beginning to bite and scratch now too! Today we had to remove him from behind the fridge where he had found a REALLY GOOD place to hide, totally stuck and hidden he found a hole IN/behind the fridge where he could hide, good stuff.

It’s me, Joel and Dexter until Sunday when Rick comes back from his surftrip and Melissa from Brizzy. Today I’m stuck at uni studying (well) for the finals on Monday and Tuesday. This Behaviour in Organizations exam is giving me mad headaches, we are going to have a case and two short essay questions. That means two hours of constant writing, constant bullshitting and constant pain. It’s going to be hard to find the context and really answer the questions since he just wants us to write as much as possible.

Oh, appearently our professor made a huge mistake on the SPSS exam, since the whole class basically failed that’s a good thing. On every question he had 1-5 scale followed by a 6th option, he said to use F-tests (and not crosstabs) since it was numbers. However he calculated the means for it, not thinking that the 6 would go as a raise for it all. The 6th option was namely the “no opinion”, totally mixing it up which increases the mean and suddenly makes the question a category vs. category and not numerical vs. numerical (crosstabs, which we all did vs. f-tests, which the professor said was right) – so now it seems we were all right, I knew it. We’ll see what happends, if he doesn’t fix it and acknowledge that he did a mistake, Stephan – a german guy that found the error will take it to Kuldeep Kumar, another professor here at Bond that just happends to be the chairman of the Australian Statistical Society. Props to Stephan.