Foster’s Lager

Today we filmed a couple of scenes for one of the two Foster’s Lager commercial we’re doing which is a part of the new communications plan for marketing communications. It went alright even though I had to “act” in it. Nadia, the sister of Sabrina (french connection) was the girl in the ad, hopefully it will be good enough to show one day, as it probably will be shown as part of the presentation for the marketing director at Foster’s (shit). We started shooting at 7 in the morning, not only was it early, it was freakin’ freezing at that time, luckily it didn’t take too long for the sun to warm the place up – but by that time I was going home to have a early siesta. Now I have a headache like never before, and it’s just 23 minutes until the last Prison Break of this season, they’re doing a 2 hours special down here to end the second season … I hope I get some answers!