Goggles burn deluxe from Sölden

Just came back from a mini-getaway in Sölden, Austria. It might not have been your normal conference because well, there simply wasn’t a conference. It was more 2500 people from EMEA and some other that came together for a couple of days (some for a week) of networking, bonding and of course partying. Although the season had closed for the year in Sölden last week, everything was booked, this essentially meant that it was almost impossible to find a non-Googler anywhere in the place, quite spectacular since Sölden is a quite big place for skiing (check out the Skimap).

My goggles burn is killing me, it might have been a good idea to actually to go for 25+ in the face as some people did, my 15 was a bit naive, at least if you consider that it was a clear blue sky all of the wednesday at 2000-3000 meters. Unexperienced to the fullest from yours truly.