HP delivers, they actually did

So out of nothing I got a call from someone at DHL today, he said he was in the reception of my work with a laptop that had been in repairs. The funny thing is, I read a lot of forums just yesterday, trying to sort out if there was any way I could track the actual repair to see what was going on. I wasn’t really beginning to get jumpy, it’s only been 10-12 days or something, but it’s always neat to know what’s going on. Funny though, in the forums was all of these nightmare stories, people getting their computer back malfunctioning or not even touched by Flextronics (who seem to handle all the repairs for EMEA), kind of like my last experience with ANOVO in Sweden, they were truly terrible in every possible way.

But with this, everything is working fine. They didn’t even format the disc even though it’s standard procedure for most of these things, and for that I’ll always be grateful!

Thanks HP, you actually did your homework. Even though this time was good, I hope I never ever must contact you again.

Email status after repairs: 368 unread email to the personal address. God. I can only imagine what the backlog on the work email will be after next weeks vacation.