“If you’ve got ambition – go after it.”

I was at the screening of Bond’s new TV and Cinema commercial today, it’s a modern and good ad (compared to the other ones they show down here) which is supposed to strengthen Bond’s position as a “Chase your dreams, bring your ambitions to life” University. The Creative Director as well as the head of the Marketing was there for a quick FAQ and briefing of the mission and what the objectives are with the commercial. The Creative Director (which is an Australian multi-award winner for marketing excellence/campaign strategy etc) stated that the goal was not only to further enhance Bond’s positioning strategy as a “market leader” within the university sector, but also to make a new point of contact with the customers, being future students. The TV ad is going to be aired between some of the most favourite shows down here, including; Home & Away, Boston Legal and Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s a good campaign overall with well-stated objectives and missions. The campaign also saw the launch of BondSpace, which is supposed to attract to the new-comers by mixing a sort of MySpace/Facebook approach, it’s a pretty desperate try if you ask me, the only thing that little website has in common with the giants mentioned is the ‘space’ within the name.