iPhone Safari doesn’t remember my passwords!

I’ve been annoyed for weeks that my iPhone doesn’t remember my passwords in Safari. I’m not really a frequent flyer of browsing on the iPhone, but I’d like to consider myself a fairly heavy-user of certain applications, e.g. Google Reader. What’s annoyed me is the fact that my iPhone refused to save my password when signing in with my Google account – more specifically, when signing into Reader as I tend to use it quite a lot (not during those ‘great’ meetings, I promise!).

As my iPhone is a 2G (I know) I spent an hour or so yesterday Googling away to find a solution. I finally found it through Rovivor.com, in an old blog post from 04/2008, which makes it even more pathetic to still be on a 2G!

Here’s the ‘tutorial’, I’ve modified it a bit for 2.0* as the previous one was for 1.X, using installer etc. MobileFinder is now available through Cydia.

Here is a 8 step easy to follow solution for your iPhone Safari to save your passwords (remember your login info) as it should be:

1. First, go to Cydia on your iPhone, search for “MobileFinder” and install it.

2. When these are OK, start Mobile Finder, click on the “~” button from upper left.

3. You will see “Library” folder there, click twice and open it.

4. There you will see “Cookies” folder, click once, and when it is selected, click “Modify” button from the center of the bottom menu.

5. You will see a screen LIKE THIS (not exactly this one, this is just another screen shot from Mobile Finder):

Here you should click on all “Read, Write, Exec” buttons until all 9 be blue.

6. Click “Done” and return back the previous screen. Now click on Cookies again to see inside of the folder.

7. In Cookies folder, modify all the files (normally there should be only one named “Cookies.plist”) like step 6, however only making all “Read, Write” blue. It means that there will be 6 blues, not “Exec” buttons.

8. Click “Done” and after restarting Safari, it is now remembering your passwords.

From Rovivor.com. I realize that 99.9% of the population might have solved this already, or that it’s probably working by default on 3G, but whatever – sharing the love anyway!