Silly season

Finally! Torres to Liverpool, after weeks of speculation what Benitez will do, this seems to be one of the answers. Hicks (new owner) and Benitez has said that this week will reveal some serious negotiations and big names, so hopefully Torres will be one of them. Especially now that it seems that Chelsea is in the race for Malouda (of course). In other news it seems that new Juventus coach Ranieri would consider offering Trezeguet as part payment for Crouch, seems like a good deal to me! The idiots at Real Madrid has today approach L.A Galaxy to already try to buy Beckham out of his new deal and get him back to Madrid, again – idiots at work.

Other Liverpool rumours of today include Diego Milito and Diego Forlán. It also seems as if Benfica has issued a ‘hands off’ when it comes to captain Simao, the Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira was quoted “warning Liverpool that star winger Simao Sabrosa won’t be sold on the cheap”. I think it’s pretty safe to say that big names will be allowed to talk to clubs this week … however, we still have to remember that it isn’t called “silly season” for nothing.

RIP Povel, RIP Roberto

Povel Ramel is gone, and so is Roberto Carlos – the later not being dead of course, but is signing for Fenerbahce within the next days. Silly season is really on its way!

Povel (Swedish), Roberto (Swedish), Roberto

Sven going completely Sven again

He probably won’t takeover the blues; “When asked if was a candidate for the Blues job, Eriksson told BBC Inside Sport: ‘No, I’m interested to have a good football team next season. There are other teams.'” That guy really knows how to make himself inpopular like few others know.

Other news also implies that Sheva Shevchenko is aiming to squeeze some last dollars out of his body before he can retire for good by moving to the MLS like Beckham, check this out. Probably not the best move when you hardly have been contributing with anything for your new team this season … Maybe both Sven and Sheva should take PR classes.

Calypso and Conrad Jupiter

Yesterday me, Rick and Joel had kind of a big one. We were at home watching Dazed and Confused (great movie!) and then we went down to a place called Calypso in Coolangatta. Turned out that Calypso is mostly (only probably) pumpin’ on Fridays, so our move on a Saturday wasn’t the best decision we’ve taken.. however, there’s always taxis and this thing they call the Casino. Nice night, we’ll definately have to go to Calypso on a Friday though, just because of what we’ve heard about it.


Happy birthday to my nephew Lucas, it’s his sixth birthday today! I can’t believe he’ll soon start pre-school … another brilliant example of time just flying by.