Referrals bonanza

I digged into the Analytics data today for the first time in months. The past couple of weeks, traffic to Oscar and Friends has skyrocketed and convenient enough – I got the answer to why really easy. It seems as if my post on Avril Lavigne passing 100 millions views on YouTube, and more precisely the picture in it, has caught the attention of Google Image Search. There are now people from all over the world watching the picture, Googling pictures of Avril in every possible combination; avril lavigne, avril, girlfriend avril lavigne, girlfriend, avril lavinge, avril lavigne girlfriend, avril lavgine, avril lavigne girl friend, and so on.

Funnily enough, more than 200 visitors found the post (or the picture) by Googling only “girlfriend” on Image Search, that’s how important Google think Avril is. Or is it perhaps just the fact that Google consider her to be girlfriend material? I guess we’ll never know. But sorry Google, denied.