Six nations and Poker

Last night was a big night in the Six Nations Rugby Tournament, Ireland took on Scotland and France faced England. It seemed like the Scotsmen had taken over the entire Temple Bar area in Dublin at noon pretty much, men wearing kilts were everywhere! A couple of them were probably a bit too excited over the rugby as well, I’m guessing at least half of the people I met or saw didn’t actually make the game. Anyway, since I was with a lot of French people, we didn’t really care about the Ireland-Scotland game, which would have been a huge deal otherwise, I think that even though we are in Dublin, the Irish was probably I minority this day. We managed to have a good time and drink “a couple” of Guiness as well, ending up in some dodgy pub just outside the city center.

Tonight we had a Poker tournament at Lya’s place. I won the first (20 euros richer!) and actually managed to win the second as well (15+20 euros richer!) 🙂 2/2, respect!