SPAM, gotta love to hate it

When I posted the last month in numbers update this summer I revealed some statistics about the number of spam-comments that Akismet has cleaned and stopped from appearing on this blog. The numbers are quite amazing! However, I recently noticed a sudden increase in spam targeted towards my blog, which I’m not particulary happy about. I cleaned the spam-queue (comments that are stopped by Akismet, but still ‘kept’) just a few days back, but still managed to have 742 new ones this morning. To be honest, I don’t really care, it’s just disturbing that there are still people creating bots spamming the Internet, what’s that about? The most disturbing to me is that these people are probably millionaires!

I read somewhere that before Bill Gates semi-retired, he received about 4 million emails daily (that’s right, daily!) that were considered spam. Akismet has a cool SPAM-Zeitgeist on their site which shows that only today there have been about 8.8 million spam-messages caught, meaning that a stunning 86% of all comments are spam.