Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris passes 300 million views on YouTube

About two years ago I wrote a brief report that Avril Lavigne’s music video for her track “Girlfriend” had passed 100 million views on YouTube. Today marks another achievement, however today it’s for Justin Drew Bieber, the Canadian singer (age 16 by the way) who started his career by posting videos on YouTube. Justin Bieber’s song named “Baby” ft. Ludacris passed 300 million views earlier today. Number two on the most viewed of all times list is Lady Gaga with Bad Romance, being outnumbered by 33 million views.

Not only has Justin Bieber passed 300 million views, the video has only been on YouTube for 6 months compared to 9 months for Gaga. Just amazing.

Here’s the complete top 10 live.

Referrals bonanza

I digged into the Analytics data today for the first time in months. The past couple of weeks, traffic to Oscar and Friends has skyrocketed and convenient enough – I got the answer to why really easy. It seems as if my post on Avril Lavigne passing 100 millions views on YouTube, and more precisely the picture in it, has caught the attention of Google Image Search. There are now people from all over the world watching the picture, Googling pictures of Avril in every possible combination; avril lavigne, avril, girlfriend avril lavigne, girlfriend, avril lavinge, avril lavigne girlfriend, avril lavgine, avril lavigne girl friend, and so on.

Funnily enough, more than 200 visitors found the post (or the picture) by Googling only “girlfriend” on Image Search, that’s how important Google think Avril is. Or is it perhaps just the fact that Google consider her to be girlfriend material? I guess we’ll never know. But sorry Google, denied.

Avril Lavigne passes 100 million views on YouTube

Avril Lavigne’s video for her song “Girlfriend” quite recently passed 100 million views as the first video ever on YouTube. Just astonishing. Evolution of Dance is the number two on the list, being surpassed with about 2 million views. After this, it’s a good 25-30 million views to the next video. I bet the guys over at RCARecords are thinking that their idea of releasing the video on YouTube was a pretty decent idea!

To get an idea of how many 100 million views is, here’s a couple of population comparisons;

  • There are only 11 countries in the world with more than 100 million people
  • 100 million views almost equals the video being viewed by the entire Mexico
  • All of UK and Italy could have watched this video once
  • Every man, woman and child in Spain could have watched this video – twice
  • All of Australia could have watched it – five times
  • In Sweden, the entire population could have watched it almost 11 (!) times to get to 100 million

You gotta love YouTube. The reach is pretty unreal.