“If you’ve got ambition – go after it.”

I was at the screening of Bond’s new TV and Cinema commercial today, it’s a modern and good ad (compared to the other ones they show down here) which is supposed to strengthen Bond’s position as a “Chase your dreams, bring your ambitions to life” University. The Creative Director as well as the head of the Marketing was there for a quick FAQ and briefing of the mission and what the objectives are with the commercial. The Creative Director (which is an Australian multi-award winner for marketing excellence/campaign strategy etc) stated that the goal was not only to further enhance Bond’s positioning strategy as a “market leader” within the university sector, but also to make a new point of contact with the customers, being future students. The TV ad is going to be aired between some of the most favourite shows down here, including; Home & Away, Boston Legal and Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s a good campaign overall with well-stated objectives and missions. The campaign also saw the launch of BondSpace, which is supposed to attract to the new-comers by mixing a sort of MySpace/Facebook approach, it’s a pretty desperate try if you ask me, the only thing that little website has in common with the giants mentioned is the ‘space’ within the name.

Red Terror/TBG

This is the official website for Joel’s new movie Red Terror, make sure to check out the trailer which was completed last week, look like a mix of Blood Diamond and Hotel Rwanda! On another note, The Beautiful Girls music video for “In Love” that Joel directed has been nominated for two awards, one i Brisbane and one in Queensland, maybe Joel could clear things up about what they are, big ups!

Bond World Cup

Sweden – Germany, 7-1

Definately one of our better games in the tournament, we looked pretty steady although the Germans kept trying. They played with some kind of 3-5-2 libero formation which might have worked well on paper, but it just didn’t in real life. Bottomline basically is that they’re probably one of the shittiest teams in the tournament this year. I think the teams we should watch out for is Canada and Holland, but hey – anything can happen.


Just ran into Ray Gordan, my Behavior in Organizations teacher from last semester. He gladly reported that I’ll be recieving the Academic Achievement Award for class nr. 1 of last semester’s class. Pretty sweet, now I’m just waiting for Peter Clarke to tell me I got it for Customer Analysis/Consumer Behavior as well, I think I’ll share it with Nils in that subject. But, Boooyaa anyway!