Oh how he missed Trezeguet

Little unexpected, the game between Romania and France provided no answers what so ever on where France actually stands in the Euro competition. The French attacks looked useless and completely without idea, however the Romanians did a good job in working as a team to close the French down (unlike their counterparts). Kudos to the Romanians for actually giving the French a go, even though they never looked like scoring either – it was your typical bore 0-0 draw. But I wouldn’t place too much emphasize on the result, of course it was way better for Romania than France, but the French are likely to rise to the occasion when tougher teams such as Italy and the Netherlands awaits.

But one can’t stop to wonder two things; Why did Domenech leave Trezeguet out of the squad? and why did he play both Makelele and Toulalan in midfield holding roles? If we’ve been screaming for Lagerbäck’s dismissal in Sweden, imagine what you would feel after this game if you were French …