New URL, update your feeds and bookmarks

You might not have noticed when you typed in the old URL, but you were forwarded to which is the new URL to my blog. We’ve decided to let go of, it doesn’t really pose any need anymore to us.

This has of course caused some problems. I updated to WP 2.5 at the same time which caused all of the posts to be “Uncategorized”, not ideal. But I’m working on it, it seems I’m not the only one with this problem – so solutions are on the way. There was also a DB-problem trying to get Firestats to log the old page views, this screwed up the Most Popular Posts widget that you’re supposed to see with the new design. That I can’t really do anything about, I’ve merged the old data to the new DB, but it seems it doesn’t take old page views into account. However, a lot of the posts were “bot-surf” friendly, meaning that the widget showed skewed data anyhow, a fresh start!

The feed is here and the new URL is