Firefox continues to steal from Explorer

A week or so ago, Net Application released its data for November about the market share for browsers. November 2008 is a month to remember as it was the first month/time ever in history that Firefox passed 20% market share and Internet Explorer thereby fell below 70% for the first time. Chrome from Google continues to grow as the browser now moves out of beta. Mashable recently reported that Chrome has 10 million users, and also reported about users visiting mashable site, so I thought I’d do the same!
(Picture from Net Applications)

This is what you guys use to visit O&F. Noticeable is that Firefox kicks ass here.

Best in the Nordics, but very low in the World

The Guinness World Record for Firefox 3 downloads is pretty old by now, but what happened to Sweden, we used to be all over these type of things. Type of things as in new, innovative and free Internet gadgets. ~247k, I’m sure we can do better, some day.