iPhone 2.1 Firmware

Big day yesterday. I finally got around to updating my iPhone to run the 2.1 Firmware. It was super easy to Jailbreak it with QuickPwn thanks to this excellent tutorial from the guys at iCarified. I was sincerely worried about loosing a lot of data such as contacts and text-threads, but it all turned out great. The only thing that I didn’t succeed in thinking about was the music, as I choose to restore the iPhone before updating, everything disappeared. But this turned out to be a good thing too as I can finally get around to updating and scraping out old songs. There’s always a positive twist to it! I also installed a couple of nifty tools after updating, I’d really like to recommend NemusSync which syncs your Google Calendar with your iCal iPhone calendar.

Download and install iPhone 2.0 Update, right now!

Wow! So the iPhone 2.0 Firmware has already been leaked. Today both and are reporting on how to download and install the software. Reports also say that this update does not work for all the iPod Touch users out there, sorry. For all the Swedes, did a thread about this just recently as well.

Interesting reading. A couple of people have already updated with success, but I’d say that waiting a couple of days is probably smart in order to see what the exact effects are in terms of Jailbreaking etc. Most importantly, don’t forget to backup!