Focus group

Tonight we’re doing the focus group for Foster’s Lager, I’m hoping that people within the group (as it looks like right now; two aussies, two germans, one swede and one indian) will have something to say to the open discussion (questions) that we have. I think we’ll be two seminar leaders, or dual moderators (as the proper term might be) leading the discussion towards the topics we want to cover. The reason for the groups composition can’t really be answered right now, we probably wont have enough reliability for it if asked, but it’s simply the people that were available within our target audience (18-25 yr olds).

But I think we’ll do fine, we can always say that we had the germans because they’re a superior beer producing country, the swede because we’re simply heavy consumers in general, the aussies because we’re in Australia and finally the indian because India is one of the biggest and fastest growing markets, in general 🙂 Since we’re going to do some beer testing and maybe some blind testing, we’re thinking we might take the entire group down to Don’s for a few more jugs after we’re done …