Late bloom bloopers – Harry Potter is dead!

Hilarious but sad. Through Media Culpa I got the news that Harold Pinter, the literature Nobel Prize winner from 2005 had passed away. So what’s so hilarious about that? Well, with his death – nothing really. However, when Swedish Radio (SR) reported about it, they accidentally (or unconsciously) turned Pinter into Potter, yes – as in Harry Potter.

“The British writer and dramatist Harry Potter is dead, it was announced today. Potter received the Nobel Prize in literature in 2005. He wrote about 30 plays and more than 20 screenplays. He was 78 years old.”

For information on how to listen to the blooper, check out the post at Media Culpa.

Who knew?

Seriously! Who knew? I’m going to make this my ultimate mission! I have to see this movie, and be the first to write a review and rate this 10!

Flights of the Concorde – Foux da fa fa and others!

These videos are completely priceless. As I understand it, it’s two previous magicians from New Zealand that went into the stand up comedy/general comedy business instead. Thanks Nodas!

Building Lego – The Assembly Line

Okay. So this guy built a factory, a full industry construction assembly line OUT OF LEGO, that MAKES LEGO CARS. Wow!