Windows 7

Gizmodo showed and shared their first impressions on Windows 7 the other day. I have to say that it’s looking pretty sharp at first glance. Having said this I’m not really sure how we’re supposed to approach this, is this the final version of Vista, or is it really Windows 7? To me it looks like a tweaked version of Vista, but probably with a better backend engine.

Looking good Bill.

Apple’s MacBook event tomorrow

A lot of people are on needles following the announcement that Apple will hold a MacBook event in Cupertino (Apple’s HQ) tomorrow at 10:00 AM, PST. It’s been exactly 6 months since AppleInsider wrote that they believed that the Mac-users were going to be in for a treat this year, definitely a good spot at the time being.

The only thing we know most likely will happen is that Apple will announce a new family of MacBooks that will abandoned Intel’s integrated graphics chipsets for those part of NVIDIA’s new mobile platform. This has been “confirmed” across several resources.

You can follow the event on the Gizmodo Liveblog.

Read the rumor roundup on Engadget.

Does anyone remember this? Apple has come a long way!

Download and install iPhone 2.0 Update, right now!

Wow! So the iPhone 2.0 Firmware has already been leaked. Today both and are reporting on how to download and install the software. Reports also say that this update does not work for all the iPod Touch users out there, sorry. For all the Swedes, did a thread about this just recently as well.

Interesting reading. A couple of people have already updated with success, but I’d say that waiting a couple of days is probably smart in order to see what the exact effects are in terms of Jailbreaking etc. Most importantly, don’t forget to backup!

HP and Multi-touch laptops

HP designed a new Touch UI for IQ506 PC, pretty freakin’ awesome. I’d say that even more than a “lifestyle apps” approach, it’s in line with the worlds upcoming race (well, it begun a long time ago to be honest) for every user looking for cloud computing and visual beauty alongside the ease of use. Who would have thought that hardware and software design could be integrated with the ease of use a couple of years back? The thing with the IQ506 PC is that not only does the shell look good, the inside specs seem really good as well.

As Windows 7 is suppose to come out around 2010, HP has also released word that multi-touch laptops could see the day of light long before W7. Interesting.

HP is looking good. Maybe they could fix all of their previous laptops that breaks down first, or at least just mine!?