Word of Mouth and the Internet

A study conducted by Google and KellerFay Group to understand the impact internet has on the word of mouth effect. Top finding: Google is the #1 spark of word of mouth conversations and directly informs 146 million brand conversations a day.

Download the study as PDF.

Spotify hacked, time to change password!

Short snippet from the Spotify blog. It’s time to change your password my friends.

Dear Spotify user,

Last week we were alerted to a group that managed to compromise our protocols. After investigating we concluded that this group had gained access to information that could allow testing of a very large number of passwords, possibly finding the right one. The information was exposed due to a bug that we discovered and fixed on December 19th, 2008. Until last week we were unaware that anyone had had access to our protocols to exploit it.

Not cool Spotify, not cool. Not good for PR or security online either for that matter.

Fascinating Videos – “Did you know”

“Progression of Information Technology”, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Bronman.

The second is labelled “Did you know 2.0” and includes new and updated statistics, it’s produced by XPLANE.

Internet passes TV as medium

Internet and Mobile marketing are both on the rise again in Sweden. Mobilemarketing has increased four times since the third quarter last year. TV was passed the third quarter by Internet, but overall this year TV is still the larger medium however, Internet is rising each month and is now making up 14% of the total medium market.

A 75 million dollar idea

Ever caught yourself while wondering what one might look like? Here’s a brilliant example on how a good idea “that kind of already has been done” can be combined with other ideas “that kind of already have been done”. To be honest I had missed this acquisition, I usually read and follow these things quite closely, but this is definately one that I missed. StumbleUpon, the “discover new sites” – site which basically is formed on the idea that consumers want excitement and randomness in their daily life of browsering the Internet was bought by Google for apx. $75M a couple of months ago.

As a Swede, when you read the idea behind the whole project, you get amazed. Here we have a site that combines and enhance the Google Economy by integrating their own idea (??). Instead of the I’m feeling lucky, the StumbleUpon team brings you their “Stumble!” button which matches new sites to your personal profile. And, above this basic concept they also have embedded the Buzz Bazooka rating idea with either thumbs up, or thumbs down to make people share their experience.

Quite easy. So why is this a 75M dollar idea? Well, almost 4 million members and growing (Stumblers I presume they are called) with personal interests, extensive profiles and registered behaviours pretty much makes up a small nation to target for personalized advertising.

“Only in America”.