It’s Not What You Say That Matters, It’s what you do

Here’s an excellent deck from Paul Isakson who works as the Head of Strategy at Space150.

As I’m sure you have been reading and hearing, there is more and more chatter about looking at people’s behaviors within social media, not just the tools and technology. That’s the main point of this presentation — focusing on behaviors and what people are doing.

(View more documents from Paul Isakson)

What to take away from this about the Future of Marketing:

  • The future of marketing is collaborative
  • The future of marketing is generous
  • The future of marketing is experimental
  • The future of marketing is helpful
  • The future of marketing is playful
  • The future of marketing is personal
  • The future of marketing is honest
  • The future of marketing is participatory
  • .. The product is the marketing
  • .. Listen, listen; Listen for rich insights related to your brand about what people really want and need

Thanks Paul.


This is great, and what it’s all about, sharing and caring. I went through Paul’s deck yesterday around noon and scheduled this post for today (at the time of your reading). However, yesterday evening Johan Ronnestam posted this tweet which is very much connected to the topic. The deck he has created and refers to in the tweet is the one found here. With the risk of running amok on the embedding, I’ll try to contain myself from embedding Ronnestam’s as well. But please – go through it carefully if you’re a marketing man.

For the sake of it, what to take away from this about the Future of Brand Communication:

  • Everything your brand does will become transparent
  • The future belong to ‘nerds’
  • Learn to speak ‘link’
  • Everything circles around conversation
  • Media space is not for sale. You have to create it for yourselves
  • Move yourself into the ‘betasociety’
  • Marketing departments of the future seed tools, not campaigns
  • Sharing is caring!
  • Passion and innovation beats everything
  • Bulls eye! (It’s not about reaching 1,000,000 to sell 100, it’s about reaching 10 people that reach 100 people that reach a 1000 that …)

Thanks to both of you for sharing!

Brand Autopsy

It don’t know if I’ve mentioned this blog before, I’m starting to get quite attached to it. John Moore and various friends that jump in when he’s not available write good hints and tips for marketers and branding people in general. The blog can be found here. John Moore is also a member of the board at the Word of Mouth Association, with WOM going hand-in-hand with Viral Marketing, one of my interests, it’s become quite clear that this is a keeper. Check it out!

Internet passes TV as medium

Internet and Mobile marketing are both on the rise again in Sweden. Mobilemarketing has increased four times since the third quarter last year. TV was passed the third quarter by Internet, but overall this year TV is still the larger medium however, Internet is rising each month and is now making up 14% of the total medium market.