For decisions that matter, Bing & decide

After being up a day or two, Microsoft launched their first Bing ad push a couple of hours ago.

For decisions that matter, Bing & decide

This slogan and video is part of the $100M that Microsoft reportedly are willing to spend on the Bing promotion, good or bad? I took this video from the Bing YouTube channel, is it comedy (or clever) that they’re utilizing a Google-property to reach critical mass among users?

I’m still torn about the name (to put it polite), the reasoning behind the name is of course that it’s easy to “verb up“, while evangelizing the phrase “Bing me” or “Bing it” as reported by Wired. Another comment about the name that Steve Ballmer has made is “We [Microsoft] just wanted something that “unambiguously says ‘search.'” — yeah, about that Steve – I’m not so sure about that one. It’s going to be really interesting to see how it performs over the next few weeks though.

One thing is certain though, Oscar Karlsten the chess player, who started playing Chess for Boden’s Chess Club in 1928 is way more popular over at Bing than on Google. Dammit!

Windows 7

Gizmodo showed and shared their first impressions on Windows 7 the other day. I have to say that it’s looking pretty sharp at first glance. Having said this I’m not really sure how we’re supposed to approach this, is this the final version of Vista, or is it really Windows 7? To me it looks like a tweaked version of Vista, but probably with a better backend engine.

Looking good Bill.

How to quickly resize pictures in Vista

I just learned that Microsoft PowerToys doesn’t work for Windows Vista. It’s an XP-only product it seems. However, there is another easy way to do resizing in Vista;

Simply select all images that you wish to resize, right-click and select send to – mail recipient, you’re then instantly prompted to choose what size you wish to resize them to. Once your mail pops upp it’s prefilled with all the pictures as attachments. Then simply copy (select all) them into a desired folder – Great.