Who knew?

Seriously! Who knew? I’m going to make this my ultimate mission! I have to see this movie, and be the first to write a review and rate this 10!

50 Beautiful Movie Posters

This is really super cool. I’ve always enjoyed Movie Posters and recently purchased a nice one of the Joker, having been inspired my recent accomplishment to finally see the Dark Knight. These guys trought different decades of movie history and different genre, different graphical approach, colors and style. Movies the posters are about may be famous or not, this is not the point. Awesome.

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Righteous Kill – This years disappointment

Being both a huge Robert De Niro fan and Al Pacino fan, I was really excited to finally see Righteous Kill yesterday. Righteous Kill is directed by Jon Avnet who pretty much did BoomTown and 88 Minutes before (the first with Donnie Wahlberg and the latter starring Al Pacino).

Last time these two Hollywood giants clashed together was in Heat, that time building up expectations enormously as it according to De Niro was “the first time we found a script we both liked since The Godfather”. This time I wouldn’t say expectations were as high as last time, especially considering its thin story. I mean, it’s kinda old that Pacino is playing a “veteran New York City detective”, isn’t it? But still, I had the feeling that even how thin the story, a movie should, and would never fail with De Niro and Pacino .. and god how wrong was I.

I’d say that the 6.7 on IMDB is quite generous, I’d barely give it a 5. Oh my oh my, was this perhaps the last time we saw the 65+’ers together?