Went to see the new Zack Snyder movie entitled Watchmen yesterday. We had really high expectations because of what he previously managed to do with 300.

Without giving a full review, all I can say is that it comes highly recommended by yours truly! Check out the trailer (HQ applies) if you’re wondering whether it’s worth the effort.

Who knew?

Seriously! Who knew? I’m going to make this my ultimate mission! I have to see this movie, and be the first to write a review and rate this 10!

Adapting to the music industry

Swedish artist Timbuktu today released his new single “Tack för kaffet” (Thanks for the coffee) direct to the sharing community through The Pirate Bay. The single is part of his upcoming album “En hi-5 och en falafel” (A Hi-5 and a falafel). I’d agree with TPB that this is definitely a good way of showing some street smarts and adjusting to the current state of the music industry.

Read the full story at TPB.


I have to say that after seeing Val Kilmer in Entourage, I had quite the high hopes for his part in Felon. I didn’t see the 8/10 on IMDB coming even though Kilmer is yet again cool.

Pulp Fiction in Typography