89 år

Så gammal blev Ingemar Bergman. Känns konstigt att han är död.

CNN: “Han var en av de största mästarna i den moderna filmhistorien”;
Woody Allen: ”Han var en vän och sannerligen den bäste regissören i min livstid”.

The Dark Knight

I can’t believe it, there’s a new Batman movie in production! Appearently they thought of the brilliant name “The Dark Knight”, it’s going to be directed by Christopher Nolan who also did Batman Begins ..

Red Terror/TBG

This is the official website for Joel’s new movie Red Terror, make sure to check out the trailer which was completed last week, look like a mix of Blood Diamond and Hotel Rwanda! On another note, The Beautiful Girls music video for “In Love” that Joel directed has been nominated for two awards, one i Brisbane and one in Queensland, maybe Joel could clear things up about what they are, big ups!

300 tonight!


Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth (!!) and Laurence Fishburne have all signed to star in the Hollywood production of “Bringing down the house”. The book that features a crew of MIT students that enter the cardcounting business and take their theories to Las Vegas where they of course make millions before eventually getting caught.

Watch this Documentary on Fanpop and make sure you don’t miss the release date of the movie! The movie will be called 21, awesome stuff.