Cas Haley

I just saw a rerun of America’s Got Talent, the season when Cas Haley was in the final. I really wonder what happened to this guy? He’s great!


I don’t know if any of you has made this your favourite site yet, but I do know that I recently have. When I started visiting the Releaselog ( it wasn’t big at all, not that many releases were being posted and I can’t remember if the RSS was working or not. Now it’s not only a strong competitor but definately one of the best “investigating” blogs you can find. If you’re considering downloading something, be sure to check out the quality and reports first has always been a rule. But it’s not until now that this rule can easily be checked without visiting half of the Internet.

Pick of the year for sure.

The Village Sessions

I’ve just found a great session with John Mayer, I’d recommend downloading it asap! The Village Sessions is an acoustic session with songs from his new album.

(TPB Torrent)

The song of today is Tenacious D