The best photos of the Olympics 2008

Found these cool photos from the Beijing Olympics 2008 on the Guardian. They’ve put together the best 13 photos, why 13? I have no idea, but check them out!


Well, I don’t know for how long it has been official, but here is the official logo for the London 2012 olympics. Comments from the creators of the logo and general branding idea states that “Officially a brand set to “take(s) our values to the world beyond our shores”. Ken Livingston, praising the angular and disjointed design, says it “draws on what London has become”. It’s good to see that mr. Livingston thinks that London has become a place for Nazi Storm Troopers insignia which is another of the comments the logo has been getting.

Branding-101 includes “Do NOT create a logotype or other symbols of artifactual nature or value that could create negative associations to previous occuring events, OR worse – through these negative association(s) create negative association(s) with the brand.” Of course, I just made that up, but it goes something like that 🙂

Maybe England should think about outsourcing their next attempt …