Henry is now gone for sure, it has been confirmed that he will be playing for Barcelona next season – probably the biggest bomb sofar in European football if you ask me. One interesting thing is that when asked to give the main reason for his depature from London, the French stated that “Arsene Wenger didn’t commit to the club by signing a new contract, I don’t know if he will stay..” which immediately raised questions regarding Wenger and his future as well. And of course, with Wenger leaving the ball switched to Frabregas as well. Arsenal are in big trouble if you ask me, we can’t expect them to be anything but a team in the middle without Henry, even though people might argue that he was missing from most of the last season and that they did ‘good’, I don’t agree. Henry still played around 10 games in the premiership and scored 7 goals, I think 5 of them were winning, and without those five wins, Arsenal would have dropped at least 5 places in the table.

On another note, it is now reported yet again from Madrid/Spain that Liverpool officials are in town to discuss Fernando Torres, the latest demand from Atletico is 24 million euro + Luis Garcia, Liverpool are instead looking to offload Djibril Cisse, a player whom the value at around 8 million pounds after his run with Marseille. However, former Liverpoolplayer and current Bolton coach Sammy Lee is reported being interested in the versatile striker as well. I say give him to Atletico and keep Garcia! Another important building block for the side would be the signing of right wingback/winger Alessandro Mancini of Roma. But yet again, it’s too much taken out of thin air to be reliable, Alves (who yesterday won the Copa del Rey with Sevilla) or Mancini would be great signings though.

And, finally – the U21 championship crown has been given to the Netherlands again!

Big names, big campaign (Pepsi 2007)

To ensure credibility, Pepsi has signed Beckham, Messi, Ronaldinho, Fabregas, Henry and Lampard as their flagships of Pepsi in 2007. They have some short skills ads which are pretty lame with some “newschool art” in the background as each players discuss and ‘teach’ their skills. For instance, Beckham of course talks about freekicks and how it’s supposed to be hit, check out the skill ones here. This one is however quite creative!


Wow, there’s been a lot of rumour mill going on the last couple of days, and it’ll continue on, trust me. Anyway, one of my alltime favourite players in the CM/FM series, Sanli Tuncay is ready to sign for ‘Boro the upcoming week. I’ve been following his career in Turkey since he was labeled “Wonderkid” in the CM/FM series way back. It’s a great signing for ‘Boro for sure, even though they already have Downing far out left (Englands first real left-winger since Barnes left the professional spotlight! watch out for him in the England shirt) – meaning that Tuncay is more likely to head for the upfront which Soccernet reports. He’s best as a versatile winger though.

I just saw Next with Nicolas Cage, nothing new really, enjoyable – but way to predictable as always.


Is currently the main man of Italy. After scoring two goals for his Milan in the CL-final vs. Liverpool Ancelotti has again hailed Pipo Inzaghi as one of the best finishers ever seen in the game of football. Sure, he’s deadly when he get the chance as he did when he rounded Pepe Reina for 2-0, but the first goal is even more stereotypical for Pipo to me, Pirlo shot a freekick that found the goal via THE HAND of Inzaghi, not cool. Shouldn’t have been a goal if you ask me, I’ve watched it a couple of times on YouTube this morning, and it’s pretty obvious that it should have been disallowed – the reason being that the ball changed direction when it hit his hand, deliberate or not – it’s not supposed to be a goal if it changes direction, which it clearly did.

But, Liverpool will have to pay for their mistakes again. Mistake numero uno was putting Zenden on the pitch from the start, he should barely have made my squad if I was Benitez, I’m not saying that Kewell would have been the superior choice, rather that Speedy Gonzales was on the bench, why wasn’t he used? With probably around 10 scouts on Milan, the Liverpool staff must have known that the chances of Zenden (who don’t possess speed anymore) coming around on the outside of Oddo is close to 0%. But still, I’d trade Speedy, Kewell and Zenden plus a million or two to get Vicente any day of the week.

We should have finished them in the first half, Kuyt and Gerrard both had really good chances to give Liverpool the lead, but both failed. We paid very expensive for our individual mistakes! First half was a class display from one team, Liverpool – second half was more Milan vs. the clock. Nesta, Ambrosini, Gattuso (not the iron-man after all) and Inzaghi was all down with “severe injury”, Nesta even signalled to be substituted! … all of them was of course just down to make the time run out. Liverpool would have done the same if they were in the lead, I’m sure of it, however, it’s fucking annoying just because they’re all Italians. Bastards.

Sven going completely Sven again

He probably won’t takeover the blues; “When asked if was a candidate for the Blues job, Eriksson told BBC Inside Sport: ‘No, I’m interested to have a good football team next season. There are other teams.'” That guy really knows how to make himself inpopular like few others know.

Other news also implies that Sheva Shevchenko is aiming to squeeze some last dollars out of his body before he can retire for good by moving to the MLS like Beckham, check this out. Probably not the best move when you hardly have been contributing with anything for your new team this season … Maybe both Sven and Sheva should take PR classes.