Pixlr and Sumo Paint – Photoshop online

I have to admit that this is pretty old news by now, but nonetheless still two very interesting online tools that are – and will continuing to be free for personal use. If you’re looking for easy accessible alternatives to Photoshop, there are more than a couple of them out there (LifeClever reported about 10 of them last year already). Anyway, I’ve become quite fond of Pixlr and Sumo Paint, two products originating from Sweden and Finland respectively.

Funnily enough, almost all of these online editors have most of the functions that you would find in Photoshop; including filters, layers, adjustment, navigator and so on and so forth. Even though they might not be as in depth or advanced as Photoshop, they still offer the average-Joe usage by a simple click. Pixlr even has its own API! If you’re big on Photoshop, I’d encourage you to check a couple of online alternatives out, you might be surprised.

Also, check out the the interview by “What’s Next” with founder Ola Sevanderson back in November (in Swedish).